FreezerBurn 2024: The Eyes Have It!

Countdown to FreezerBurn 2024

Radio Usage Training
Dec 27, 2023 01:57 PM

Welcome to the FreezerBurn 2024 volunteer portal!

This will be the place to find volunteer announcements and need-to-know updates.


To sign up for volunteer opportunities, please follow the steps below:

  • Register for an account or log in  
    • If Registering for a new account, Check your email for the confirmation and new account email from Duplie
  • Log-in to your profile in Duplie


We are still working really hard at entering all of the shift information and teaching our area leads how to monitor their signups. Please keep checking back as we work through this uploading period. 

In the meantime, 

  • Complete your profile
  • Check out our Volunteer Handbook
  • Keep an eye out here for more news and Lead position postings! (see left!)


FreezerBurn is run entirely by volunteers! This includes our Board members, AF's and Leads.


Our Volunteer teams are how we make FreezerBurn happen. Each team has at least 1 AF (Area Facilitator), a Lead for each department that falls under their team, and a crew of lovely volunteer helpers to make the magic happen. These teams work hard pre, during and post event to make sure that each FreezerBurn is a success. These volunteers may be different every year, though we have a lot of volunteers who have been doing this since the beginning! It is also very common to find many of the same lovely volunteer faces at other Texas Regional Burn events. 


If you are interested in volunteering for one of the teams, please feel free to explore below! Each role name can be clicked for a description of what you would do in that role, as well as other helpful information. 

If you are interested in becoming an AF or Lead for any team, please reference this list for openings: 

Safety Team

Site Ops Team

City Operations Team

City Operations handles crucial onsite tasks that are essential to keeping the burn flowing. We are here to optimize city flow and ensure safe arrivals as campers arrive on land. Our team comprises an Area Facilitator (AF), one Lieutenant (LT), Team Leads, Shift Leads, and a crew of onsite volunteers. 

If you are interested in on-site positions, please contact the City Ops AF (cityops@fzbtx.com). 

Any onsite participation opportunities are posted on Duplie for public signup.

Logistics Team

  • Inventory & Storage

  • Transpo

  • Radio Prep

  • Dispatch

    • ​Dispatch Lead Needed!

      • ​Help organize, track and manage radios during the event

      • Make sure radios are accounted for from volunteers at the end of their shift at Dispatch

      • Great for someone super organized and meticulous!

      • Please email volunteer@fzbtx.com

Art Team

Communications Team

Volunteer Team

The Volunteer Team focuses on everything to do with our volunteers! We are here to provide information, answer questions, help volunteers find things, and support them while they make our event something magical. Our team is made up of an Area Facilitator (AF), two Lieutenants (LTs), Support Lead (SL), and a crew of onsite volunteers. 

Each Pre/Post position is a one-participant opportunity usually split amongst the Volunteer Team AF and LTs. Reach out to the Volunteer AF if you are interested in pre/post event positions. 

Any onsite participation opportunities are posted on Duplie for public signup.

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